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When you need the assistance of a legal professional, choose The Law Office of April Ricketts Elgin of Jackson, TN. April Ricketts Elgin will assist you throughout your legal issues with care and compassion. She takes pride in her work and continues to educate and train herself on the recent changes in the law.

Whether you are seeking a divorce or your spouse has already filed for divorce, it is important that you be aware of your rights and responsibilities. April Ricketts Elgin can not only assist you in obtaining a fair and equitable division of property and other assets but also evaluate whether alimony is appropriate.

If you have children, divorce can be even more intimidating. In a divorce proceeding, a parenting schedule must be developed providing the best suited parent the primary parenting responsibility. The court’s primary concern in this evaluation is the best interest of the child. April Ricketts Elgin can guide you through this evaluation, help you develop a fair and appropriate parenting schedule or passionately advocate for you as she litigates your matter before the court.

Custody issues may also arise after a divorce proceeding. April Ricketts Elgin will assist you evaluating your individual situation to determine if a material change of circumstances can be established to modify the previous order of the court.

April Ricketts Elgin also provides services in juvenile court for those parents who were not married. It is too important that these parents obtain a set parenting plan establishing their rights and obligations. April Ricketts Elgin will assist you in evaluating your case, inform you of your rights, develop an appropriate parenting plan or avidly represent you as your matter is litigated before the court.

Child support is an important consideration in custody matters. While child support is calculated based on a complex formula, April Ricketts Elgin will explain this formula in detail, evaluate the various considerations which affect the child support value and assist you in developing an appropriate child support calculation.

April Ricketts Elgin assists in both the initiation and defense of dependency and neglect actions in juvenile court. Dependency and neglect actions are initiated by private persons or the Department of Children’s Services when there are concerns that a child is being abused or neglected in some way. April Ricketts Elgin can assist you in evaluating your case to determine if a dependency and neglect action is appropriate or assist in defending against such allegations.

April Ricketts Elgin will speak openly and honestly with you about your case.

Compassionate and professional services to address the issues of:

  • Divorce
  • Custody
  • Bankruptcy
  • Social Security disability
  • Criminal charges
  • Civil litigation
  • Immigration

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